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VH1’s “Love & Listings” Showcases Black Real Estate Agents

Reality television giant VH1 hopes to revamp the perceptions behind Black real estate. Home buying shows rarely showcase diverse buyers. A new docuseries heading to VH1 wants that reality to change.

On Monday, July 29, VH1 will premiere a real estate docuseries called “Love & Listings.” The series will follow the lives of Southern California’s ambitious real estate agents along with their celebrity clientele.

Buyers include Jermaine Dupri, Jordin Sparks, Brandy Norwood along with many other of Hollywood’s entertainers, all purchasing homes.

The diverse cast will open up their lives to the realty of being a Black real estate agent in Southern California.

The cast members includes Suge Knight’s son Jacob Knight, L.A. Broker and television producer, Tai Savet and television personality, Taylor Schwartz, along with more of L.A.’s popular real estate agents.

The Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper spoke with Savet and Schwartz over the phone about their role in the show. In addition, we discussed the importance of Black representation in home buying television.

LOS ANGELES SENTINEL (LAS): Thanks for speaking with us. We’ve seen real estate shows that only show rich people’s houses. What makes ‘Love & Listings’ standout from the crowd?

TAYLOR SCHWARTZ: It’s definitely more than showing rich people’s homes. It’s an urban show that paints the urban community in a better light than other reality shows. It’s about successful minority characters that are successful in business. The show has much more of an influential space. You don’t have any shows that are predominately minority casts that are doing high listing real estate.

TAI SAVET: When I originally created the show, and thought of the idea, I thought that the show needed to be diverse. For example, shows like ‘Million Dollar Listings’ were not realistic, especially in L.A. For the clientele that I help out, they are different races and not just White. Obviously, the show has some drama, but its good drama. The drama involves ‘who’s helping whom’ listings, and building relationships.

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